Martin Nel  is not only a broadcaster but also the station manager at Coastal Radio SA.  He currently runs two live on air radio shows namely REWIND every Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and then also the GARAGE PARTY every Friday evening from 20:00 to late.
Martin is originally from a small town Glenco in Northern Natal where the passion for music took root.  This passion stayed with him and he started his radio career in broadcasting in 1989.
Being part of the inception of Coastal Radio SA it was his passion to give presenters the creative freedom in the content of their shows, something unheard or seen in commercial radio. 
Martin has contributed 11 000 hours live on air with Coastal Radio SA.  He is absolutely passionate about the entertainment industry and enjoys not only sharing his knowledge on music and the industry on air, but also the interaction with his listeners.     
Chris Rock is not only a broadcaster but also the station owner at Coastal Radio SA.  She currently runs one live on air radio show namely REBOOT (the mid-week Ctrl + Alt + Del) every Wednesday  from 18:00 to 20:00.  Her love for music spans all genre and therefore during this show you can expect everything from pop to heavy rock.    
Chris is originally from the East Rand and since has moved all across South Africa.  This allowed her to touch base with the select local music available in all provinces.  
Music is a passion and enabling others to live out their dreams was the initiative behind starting up Coastal Radio SA.  
​She knows her stuff from behind her microphone and is experienced and polished as broadcasters may come.  
Alwyn Mouton is not only a broadcaster but also a founder member and technical support manager at Coastal Radio SA.  He revels in rock and blues and his knowledge of this genre as well as his passion can be found in his shows.  He currently runs four live on air radio shows The Cross Roads every Wednesday at 20:00, Rock Steady every Friday night at 18:00, Moerkoffie Express every Saturday morning at 08:00 and Reflections every Sunday night at 19:00.  
The knowledge he has in the blues and rock genre dubbed him the nickname the Professor of Rock.  His informative and higly entertaining shows keeps everyone coming back for more.  
​Alwyn is part of the backbone of Coastal Radio SA and has been part of this team since inception.  
Bok Breedt is the presenter of Coast to Coast. This show is broadcasted every Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00.
Bok is originally from Mpumalanga and Gauteng we he cut his teeth in the DJ world as a Mobile DJ and later Club DJ. He started his radio career with All-Time Radio and was one of the first presenters on Coastal Radio SA. Being with Coastal Radio SA from its inception, he was the presenter of Tech’nTunes as well as Coast to Coast.
He is a highly-professional and talented radio presenter with a solid experience in interviewing and developing new and interesting story ideas based on the latest sport events or issues. He possess excellent communication and presentation skills, which is complemented with his love for music of all kinds. 
He joined Coastal Radio SA at it's inception and can always be counted on to go the extra mile.  
Amanda Trollip is the presenter of the Late Night Show. This show is broadcasted every Saturday from 20:00.  Expect a mix of party music to keep you dancing late into the night.  
She hails from the Pretoria but settled in the Western Cape and has been part of the Coastal Radio SA team for more than a year now.  Previously co-hosting the Garage Party with Martin Nel.  Her Facebook page reads, "What you see is what you get!  I am who I am and will not change to suit anyone."  This is what we love about Amanda, straightforward and uncomplicated.  This caring and beatiful lady has been involved in volunteer work for most her life and assisted many a person in need.  
Her passion is the Blue Bulls and will take no nonsense when it comes to her team.
Julie van Damme is the presenter of The Julie Show. This show is broadcasted every Friday from 08:00 to 09:00.
She hails from the New York but settled in the Western Cape and has been part of the Coastal Radio SA team for more than a year now.  This vivacious and beautiful lady is a broadcaster of note with an accent that is distinctively European and anyone will lend their ears to.  She shares her passion for the African outdoors, arts and culture in a unique fashion that may just coerce the listener to experience it.
Not only is she a presenter at Coastal Radio SA but a film producer as well in quite a few Cape Town based productions.  
Carol Schoeman is the presenter of Carols Collage. This show is broadcasted every Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00.
She just loves music and very oftern can be heard from miles away while broadcasting 
Derek Cockerell is the presenter of Face the Music with his classic rock style every Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00.  
He joined Coastal Radio SA in January 2019.  
He hails from the Strand in the Western Cape and loves swimming in the sea ... lucky fish.  
His passion is music, as is radio.  His career is filled with radio experience and he brings this talent to Coastal Radio SA.  
He already has another program in mind so look out Derek will be filling the waves in more ways than one soon.  
Shannon Joubert is the gate crashing part time presenter of Garage Party. This show is broadcasted every Friday from 20:00 to late.
In May 2017 she gate crashed the Garage Party one Friday evening with her slippers on.  Since then the "gogga het gebyt" as they say and she loves it.  
Shannon hails from Kempton Park.  Her motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target is un achievable, you  just have to try harder and harder.
She believes that music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. 
Tune in on Fridays to hear if Shannon has gate crashed again.  
Sonia Forssman is the presenter of Faith & Inspiration our Gospel Program every Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00.  
She joined Coastal Radio SA in January 2019 and believes that she has a spiritual message to share (through music) and this will enable her to inspire and give hope or a little sunshine when it's needed.  
Sonia is from Gordonsbay.  She lives the dream of the little house by the sea even though she keeps herself busy.  She is a volunteer trauma councellor at the Gordonsbay SAPS and she also reckons that she is a devoted Jesus fan.  
Sonia is our very own humanist, free spirit, creative sould, counsellor, mother, striving poet and artist as well as philosopher.  ​​
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